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"I would say miracle foot doctor."

I would say miracle foot doctor. Helps with any question you have. Literally a miracle for me.

Alexis L.


"So glad I made this appointment"

So glad I made this appointment. From the moment I entered the office to when it was time to see the doctor, all wonderful. The receptionist was friendly and so helpful today. Doctor Isaacson is knowledgeable, funny, great bedside manner and made me feel comfortable. Thank you doc!

Cynthia S.


"Very professional and friendly."

Very professional and friendly. I did not have to wait and diagnosed the problem right away.

Ariana H.


"My visit with Dr. Isaacson was amazing."

My visit with Dr. Isaacson was amazing. He was very friendly, charismatic and knowledgeable about my situation. He explained my condition, and talked to me about my symptoms. The prescriptions he provided, I can say after just three days. I felt a huge difference and the pain is all gone. I really look forward to my follow-up visit in about a week. Thanks Doc! You really are the best Podiatrist.

Anthony P.


"He wiped my tear and assured me that everything was going to be fine."

Wow where should I start. I was referred by an employee of mine at that has become a good friend. NOW EVEN MORE SO!!!! Being so that this has been such a wonderful and productive surgery. When I arrived at the hospital no let’s take it back to when I 1st met the doctor at his office he was very knowledgeable about what he wanted me to be aware of also what to expect. And most of all what he was expecting from doing the surgery. Now let’s talk about when I arrived to the hospital. Anne Marie was a doll the nurse that took care of my vitals And I started to get anxiety I was alone and all these nurses getting ppl ready for surgery and the doctors and other staff members handling the day things. I then saw Dr. Ernest L Isaacson and was so relieved he wiped My tear and assured me that everything was going to be fine. And he was apparently correct because my foot feels and looks fabulous. Thank you so much to you Dr. Isaacson and your great staff.

Jannette C.


"He is very friendly, charismatic and knowledgeable of my case."

As a patient of Dr. Isaacson, my experience was totally was amazing. He is very friendly, charismatic and knowledgeable of my case. I am a health professional myself but he explained my condition and talked to me about my symptoms in the most simplified way that anyone could understand. He is very attentive to my concerns since from the beginning of my surgery till my recovery phase. The staffs Clarivette, Marlene, Ciara, Romana and Tamika are great, very accommodating, friendly, polite, courteous and attended to my comfort and requests. I thank you all for your great help. More power to you all!

Bing A.