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Foot surgery is beneficial to correct common ailments, such as bunions, all the way up to serious sports injuries, including complete fractures. If you need foot surgery, Asima Chaudhry, DPM, and Richard Steiner, DPM, provide expert care at Parkchester Family Podiatry PC in the Bronx. Learn about the modern podiatric procedures these podiatrists offer by booking a foot surgery consultation online or calling the New York City office today.

Foot Surgery Q & A

Why would a podiatrist recommend foot surgery?

Podiatrists generally try to reserve foot and ankle surgeries for severe injuries or conditions, or situations where conservative therapies just aren’t providing relief. You might need surgery to correct any of the following podiatric issues:

  • Foot or ankle fractures
  • Arthritic deterioration
  • Tendon ruptures 
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Bone spurs
  • Neuromas 

Parkchester Family Podiatry PC also offers PROstep™, a minimally invasive surgery used to correct bunions, hammertoes, mallet toes, and more. 

The PROstep method requires only a few small incisions and utilizes a rotating burr instead of a surgical saw, so you experience a shorter recovery period. 

The podiatrists even provide the Subchondroplasty® Procedure, which is a minimally invasive fluoroscopically assisted surgery that treats certain bone defects by adding a specialized material. This procedure corrects subchondral bone defects, also known as bone marrow lesions.

How long will it take to recover from foot surgery?

In many cases, you can walk around with an assistive device — like a cane — or a walking boot within a day or two of surgery. For more complex procedures, such as a fracture repair, your podiatrist may request that you avoid putting full body weight on the treated foot for several weeks. 

Recovering from foot surgery can take a few days and up to several weeks. Because Parkchester Family Podiatry PC provides the latest and most up-to-date podiatric surgical solutions that are minimally invasive, you can expect a faster recovery with much less postoperative pain.

Will I need rehabilitation after foot surgery?

It depends on the extent of your specific procedure. But in most cases, some degree of rehabilitation, whether it’s at-home exercises or in-office physical therapy, is necessary. 

Postsurgical rehabilitation is necessary to prevent stiffness and swelling while promoting tissue healing and strength.

If you do need to go to physical therapy, your podiatrist at Parkchester Family Podiatry PC is likely going to recommend 2-3 sessions every week. Depending on how quickly you progress, you may need to continue with physical therapy for several months. 

If you need foot surgery or would like a second opinion, contact Parkchester Family Podiatry PC for an evaluation today. Click on the online scheduling tool or call to book a foot surgery exam.