Treat Toenail Fungus In the Nick of Time

Don’t know about you, but most of my stockings this year are stuffed with feet. The lights - of whatever flavor makes you happy - are up, days are short, weather is cold, but before long it will be time to bust out of the boots and galoshes, and expose those NYC toes to the elements and the world again. So now’s the time, my dear Bronx podiatry patients, to think about - yellow toenails.

We’ve discussed nail fungus many times in the annals of this O Holy Blog. And as you know by now, it’s caused by little elves that invade the skin under the nails in order to make toys for all the good girls and boys. Well, maybe not, however substitute fungus for elves and you get the idea. Because the little yellow monsters are so well embedded in the skin under the nail while they chew on the tasty protein rich nail plate, it’s difficult to effectively evict them from their humble abode. And because it takes six months to regenerate a new nail after curing the fungal infection, now is the time to get on it in order to be beach and sandal ready come Memorial Day.

To review, there are three main treatments for nail fungus that actually work, to the exclusion of the stuff sold in the drug store that “kills fungus around nails” and all the other holistic remedies your aunt told you to use. The oral medications are very effective and safe for those who are ok physically and psychologically taking a pill for 3 months. Some over the counter and prescription topical medicines can be effective but slow and require the compliance to shmeer the nail daily for up to 48 weeks. And last, but most sexy, is the nail laser, conveniently available in our NYC podiatry office. This treatment is effective, quick and nontoxic but it is not covered by insurance, so might be time to use up the FSA for the year.

Well that’s it for now. Don’t wait if you want beach nails - now’s the time to prepare. I’m not shoveling your snow, if climate change hasn’t completely ruined the snow day concept, but I can get you flip flop ready, in a sense.

If you or a loved one is dealing with fungal toenails, make an appointment with our Bronx office online or by calling 718-863-3338.

See you in the office.

Ernest Isaacson

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