Pain in the Plantar Plate (Ball of Foot Pain)

As a wise man from Anatevka said: sounds crazy, no?  But in our little forefoot there is indeed such a structure, that exists to hold our toes in position, and sometimes, what can I say, goes a bit meshugena!  And what does that part of the foot do?  That I can answer in one word: trad - no wait - stability!

In the ball of each of our feet, at the head of the metatarsal, there exists a small gelatinous structure at the junction of the metatarsal and the toe, known as the plantar plate. And since entropy is the law of the universe, over time that plate can wear down and even tear, which usually manifests as pain in the bottom or top of the joint, and the toe - usually the second - gradually creeps up and over toward the other toes. This can appear like a hammertoe, but it’s really due to the tear in the ball of the foot.

So, what to do for said tear?  If it’s mild, and not too painful, then nothing. Comfortable shoes, a nice orthotic- mazel tov! 

However, if the area is painful, or the deformity in the toe is significant, then there is a highly successful and elegant procedure aimed at repairing the tear and restoring the normal toe alignment, after confirming the diagnosis on MRI.  The procedure is outpatient, with very good outcomes, immediate weight bearing, and few complications.

Well once again I appreciate you occupying the space in the 8-track filled void of my cerebrum for this most sacred blog. If your toes are moving in all directions of the compass, the ball of the foot more painful than a wedding dance, it can be fixed better than Motel the tailor, faster than you can say Lazar Wolf.

Not sure if this procedure is for you? Contact our office today for a consultation. We look forward to helping you find the best treatment method for your needs.

See you in the office.

Ernest L. Isaacson

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